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Thanks, and farewell!

What a rollercoaster the last 7 years have been!

After building a lovely little business in Scarborough, we saw out Covid and lockdowns, but the cost of living crisis has beaten us. Although there are still plenty of opportunities for us to continue the skincare brand, it has become harder and harder to justify carrying on.

Constantly changing regulations, increased raw material costs, and an influx of competitors has seen Fliss (me) decide to hang up the skincare and retail hats for good. Plus I started to get a little too distracted with trying to help the environment - which felt extremely fulfilling but took me away from what paid the bills. And as brilliant as Molly was at litter picking, I couldn't leave her on the beach all day tidying up the mess left behind by some humans :)

But we're still in Scarborough, we still have the "shop" and will be using the building as our office for the short-term future. I'll be putting everything I've learnt into something new now. A couple of things actually!

One project to help showcase the beauty, heritage, history and amazing independent businesses we have in Scarborough, and another to help bring sustainable, eco-conscious, ethical marketing and design to the Yorkshire Coast.

These businesses really do draw on every skill I've picked up across a 15 year career in marketing, design and web development, as well as 7 years running a small independent shop in a tourist location. All while trying to do my bit to save the ocean, reduce waste, and spread the word about the damage pollution is doing to our planet.

The constant consumerism we face today is partly responsible for my decision to step away from retail - even with the most eco-conscious choices, and a plastic-free accreditation, my business was still responsible for creating "stuff". Throw in a cost-of-living crisis, and the guilt was too much... I heard families outside the shop saying they couldn't afford to buy ice creams this year, or fish and chips, let alone stepping foot inside a shop to buy something they probably didn't need, and couldn't afford. And although people were still spending on the online shop, I knew it was a sign of things to come - and actually I feel I can make a bigger difference to families visiting Scarborough, and small businesses trying to survive in tourist locations with what I've learnt along the way.

So here's to the new chapter!

I've already begun offering visitors something different in Scarborough - a way to explore the beautiful town I'm lucky to call home, and learn all about the heritage that makes it so unique.

The Scarborough Tours & Trails website is up and running, and already starting to build momentum. It offers walking trails for visitors (and locals), as well as specialist guides to the town (e.g. dog-friendly places, vegan eateries, accessible businesses and attractions, and a whole list of others in the pipeline) - there's a fairy trail around Peasholm Park & Glen, and a free ghost tour around the old town, as well as the main Old Town Heritage & Folklore walking trail. With many more trails in development, it offers something different for the whole family to do in Scarborough, while getting outside in the fresh air for some exercise.

I'll also be using this website to showcase all the amazing indie businesses we have in town and further afield. Antiques, crafts, holistic therapies and esoteric goods, art shops, galleries, visitor attractions, handmade gift shops - whatever you're looking for in Scarborough there'll be information on what's available and what's on across the town.

A new focus for Tide & Wild...

Tide & Wild business cards printed on wild flower seeded yardstick
Printed on bee-friendly wildflower seeded card

I started Tide & Wild as a brand for the recycled products I'd started making out of beach plastic. For those of you who visited over the last couple of years, you'll have seen how determined I was to set up a recycling scheme in Scarborough - it just wasn't feasible in the shop (without huge investment!) so it went on the back-burner, along with Scarborough Eco Hub. I will do it one day though!

Instead I'm using the brand for another use...

I'm putting my marketing and web knowledge, and experience as a small business owner to good use - coupled with my love of the environment and have set up a sustainable and ethical marketing company.

Specialising in helping other small businesses get set up online, and advertise their businesses in a way that doesn't cost the earth. I'll be using recycled and reused materials, and finding cost-effective, ethical ways of promoting businesses in a market I know very well.

You can find out more very soon, as I'm busy building the website at , and further developing the brand. All while juggling new clients, and getting the tours, trails and visitor guides ready for the upcoming season. Phew! It's been a busy start to the year.

But you can join me on social media in the meantime - @Tideandwild on Instagram and Facebook

And I'll never give up finding ways to repurpose and reuse the rubbish found on our beaches - I'll always have a little craft workshop where I'll be making jewellery, homewares, cards, gifts and anything else I can think of - so I'll still be doing my bit, but only in my spare time!

Thank you for reading - and a huge thank you to all of my wonderful customers over the years. You've kept a roof over my head, and my sanity through some really challenging times. I appreciate every single one of you!

To anyone who has made it to the end of this blog post, could I please ask a favour?

Would you be so kind as to help spread the word about my new businesses please?

If you know any small businesses who may like my help with their marketing activities, or want to test out one of the trails for me - please get in touch at or on social media.

Thank you, and farewell

Fliss (and Molly)


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