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  • Is everything 100% natural?
    We're a huge fan of completely natural products, and try source as many 100% natural products as possible. However, some of our products do contain mild synthetics - for example mild foaming agents in our liquid shampoos, and emulsifyers in our face masks. All 100% Natural products are clearly marked on each product page, along with a full list of ingredients on every product page.
  • Is everything Cruelty Free?
    Yes! This is really important to us, so we ensure all of our suppliers have their own Cruelty Free Policy throughout the entire supply chain (where possible). They all have diffferent cut off dates due to the nature of testing cosmetics ingredients, but we ensure they are all actively against animal testing, and none of their finished products or ingredients have been tested on animals.
  • What's your Vegan Friendly Policy?
    99% of our products are Vegan Friendly. We prefer to stock completely plant-based products, and some products have been certified Vegan by either the Vegan Society or Vegetarian Society. Some of our suppliers are working towards certification, while others (mainly smaller independents) have no intention of getting their products certified, due to the high costs involved, and (in their opinion) sometimes political nature of these organisations. As long as our suppliers can confirm that they do not use animal derivates, and their ingredients and suppliers have their own Cruelty Free policies, we're happy to label these as Vegan Friendly products. We do have a couple of products containing honey, beeswax or goat's milk - this is purely for the genuine benefit of these ingredients in skincare products. All products that are Vegan Friendly are clearly labelled. Or you can find them by navigating to our Vegan Friendly category.
  • What's your policy on Palm Oil?
    Although we prefer to stock products that are completely Palm Oil Free, we do have a few. products that contain Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil (RSPO). Where a product contains Palm Oil, it will be included in the ingredients section. You can find all Palm Oil Free products in our Palm Oil Free category.
  • Ingredients you'll never find in any of our products
    Although some of our products are not 100% natural, we only ever stock products made using mild and completely safe synthetics. We check all ingredients against the EWG's Skin Deep database, and if any warnings are associated with a particular ingredient, we will not sell that product. We will never stock any products that contain: Parabens Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) SLSA, SLES and other SLS derivates Silicone-based ingredients
  • What's your plastic free policy?
    For full details on what we're doing to eliminate single use plastics in our business (and how we're supporting local organisations), see our Plastic Free section by clicking here.
  • Our products and Cosmetic Regulations
    All products have been completely certified as safe, and adhere to current EU and UK cosmetics regulations. Our suppliers hold safety data sheets for everything they make, and register everything on the CPNP. Batch numbers are available on individual products, unless part of our Zero Waste range (when batch numbers will be written on your delivery carton note contained in your parcel). If you'd rather we just emailed this info to save waste, please let us know in the order comments box, or email us with your order number.

If you have any other queries, please contact us by emailing or using  our Contact Us form.

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