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Established in 2016, we started out by selling natural handmade bath and skincare products from lots of UK independents online.​ We became a marketplace for all the small guys you'd usually see at craft and gift fairs, and in independent shops. We opened a small shop in Scarborough a couple of years later.

The first year was amazing, with great feedback from visitors and local customers - but then Covid happened, and now the cost of living crisis has hit, we've had to make some big changes.

By the time 2022 came around, many of our suppliers (the small independents who had helped us build up such a great customer base) began going bust, cutting back on their products, massively increasing prices or disappearing all together. With a vastly reduced product range, we've had to roll our sleeves up and start making our own products. Anyone involved in the UK cosmetics industry knows exactly how complicated and slow this process can be!

Handmade balm
Herbal blends
Quality Mild and Natural Ingredients
Herbal Botanicals
Natural Skincare Ingredients

We've always been really passionate about ensuring our business has a minimal impact on the environment. Moving to Scarborough brought home the reality of the plastic crisis, and how our packaging choices can ultimately end up affecting the natural world around us. So we went plastic-free in 2019, and became heavily involved in local environmental causes.

We started organising beach cleans, and even trained our dog to help out with her litter picking skills. The shop is home to Scarborough's Bucket Library - where visitors can borrow buckets and spades instead of buying them new. In recent years, we've even started recycling beach litter into new products. We'll be selling these items in the shop and here, on our online store, under the Tide & Wild brand name, along with lots of other upcycled products.

And that brings us to where we are today!


In 2023 we launched Scarborough Eco Hub, a new name for the shop, encompassing all our eco, recycling/upcycling and environmental activities. We still sell our skincare and bath products from the shop, but have expanded to include everything else we're passionate about.

As we're on one of the busiest streets in Scarborough, we're in an ideal location to catch visitors on their way down to the beach, and try persuade them to be more mindful about leaving the beaches clean and litter free.

We also have a programme of eco and skincare workshops coming this year. So join us on social media, or sign up for our emails to stay in the loop. To find us on social media, search for Tide & Wild, Scarborough Eco Hub or Fresh Naturals.

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