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Our Values

Over the years our business has developed into what it is today. We're constantly making changes to makes sure we have a positive impact it has on the planet, the local community, our customers and suppliers.

Read on to find out about what makes us different.

We Love the Little Guys

The small independents, making amazing natural products, purely for the love of it - these are our guys, and we love what you do!

We're really proud to support small indies, with similar values to ours.

If you have a talent for making natural bath & skincare products, get in touch on our Stockists page. We'd love to hear from you!

Homemade Natural Soap

We only sell what we use ourselves

We've personally tried every single product we sell. If we don't love it, we don't  stock it!

We also have a panel of product testers who share their feedback. If they don't love it, we don't stock it!

Spa and Beauty Products

NEVER tested on animals

We don't believe any animal should go through any kind of pain, or distress for our beauty. 

Natural skincare ingredients have been around for thousands of years - we believe there is absolutely no reason to test them out in the manner the cosmetics industry does today. It's completely unacceptable!

Caring for a rabbit

Natural products shouldn't cost the Earth

We believe natural skincare can be accessible to all budgets.

We don't think our customers should pay extra for natural ingredients, snazzy branding or label designs. That's why we do as much as possible in-house, keeping costs low, and our products affordable.

Natural Medicine

Sustainable & Ethical Business

We try to make conscious decisions about all aspects of our business, to ensure we have a minimal impact on the environment.

We're reducing our business waste by re-using supplier packaging, eliminating single-use plastics and working to introduce refill and recycle schemes in-store.

Read more about our Plastic Free mission here.

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